Cookbooks Inspired By a Sicilian Grandmother for the Modern kitchen

Inspired in the 1950s by her Sicilian nonna, her first teacher of baking and cooking, the author brings the recipes, flavors and culture to the twenty-first century modern kitchen. Today's home bakers and cooks often don't have the time or even the inclination to spend several days to make the old-time recipes such as ossobucco, cuccidati, or panettone, so in these books the old recipes are broken down into manageable steps that can be achieved over shorter time periods, fitting the tasks into busy schedules.


These books are what modern cooks interested in baking and cooking good old-time dishes and baked goods—even memorable breakfasts or brunch—need to have. The books are filled with clear directions, color photos, illustrations and wonderful quotes from famous chefs. They make great gift books!

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Biscotti, Bread
and Breakfast

From Nonna's Chair to a Modern Kitchen

Now available on Amazon!

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There began a Lifelong love of Food and Cooking

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Now available on Amazon!


Beginning as an Italian kitchen, ours has become an ethnic and cultural mosaic.


I invite you to join us on a multi-cultural, multi-generational food adventure.  All of our experiences and circumstances are different. However, we seem to all share a love of food and cooking that has brought us together. 



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